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Preventative Dentistry

Dental problems that arise can possibly become painful for patients as well as costly. We take great pride in educating our patients and this adds incredible value to preventing dental issues. Preventative dentistry includes many techniques that can be followed at home as well; nutrition in meals, daily care, etc. We also prevent dental issues by recommending regular cleanings at our up-to-date facility, use of mouthguards and treatments with fluoride.

Family Dentistry

The whole family can enjoy what Montgomery City Family Dental can offer. We address all the different needs that adults and children can have. While kids enjoy a fun atmosphere and dentist that make them comfortable, adults want care of the highest quality and doctors that are informed and use the best technology. Because we have your family’s needs in mind, we can make your visit the best one possible.

Dental Safety

Your safety is one of our main concerns and we take great precautions in maintaining high standards. The Centers for Disease Control issue standards which we stand behind and take seriously.

Teeth Whitening

We implore several techniques for whitening your teeth and can only take a couple days. We offer a tray for your teeth that is specially crafted and after wearing this affordable and comfortable piece you can have a significant difference in the brightness of your smile

Sealants and Fluoride Care

Adults and children alike can be subject to cavities or tooth decay. We look for the easiest and safest ways to prevent cavities and inform you of the factors that lead to such. The grooves in your molars can be covered using sealants to prevent tooth decay and thus extending their life significantly.


You may be surprised to know that dentures are a solution for several teeth issues like decay, disease or injuries. Although dentures can help with how your teeth look, they are also very important for your oral health also. If you do have lost teeth, your face may experience sagging as well as difficulty eating. Facial sagging may also give you a more aged appearance. Dentures have other benefits like helping with speech and giving you a comfortable and healthy mouth for a lifetime.


If you have a tooth that has a large gap, we can offer you a crown to cover and support when there is only a little bit there or restore a broken tooth. Crowns have many different uses such as hiding a dental implant, covering discolored teeth or teeth that are badly shaped also. Luckily, in addition to improving its appearance, a crown can strengthen your teeth as well.

Low-Radiation Digital X-Rays

To increase the convenience of your visit, we also provide digital x-rays in our office. The images for your x-rays are created by our computers in the office. As a benefit to your health, there is 90% less exposure to radiation than previously used film-type x-rays. Now your teeth are projected to a video monitor in the treatment room by way of a small electronic sensor instead of a silver-oxide x-ray film used traditionally. Fortunately, this means we can see your teeth instantly as well as the structures that surround them.

Mercury-Free Dentistry

In this day and age there are growing concerns around mercury and using it as a filling substance. Currently, we have the practice of using a tooth-colored material that not only doesn’t contain mercury, but also doesn’t contain any other type of metal.

Custom Mouthguards

Oral injuries are prevalent when playing contact sports. Having a properly fitted and custom made mouthguard is crucial to the success of your oral health. High School and college sports alone can account for approximately 200,000 injuries each year.

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